80 Years of Roofing Expertise

For nearly 80 years, we have helped to design roofs that are not only aesthetic but also functional, safe, and long-lasting. Come rain or shine, with our lightweight roofing systems, waterproofing, and cladding materials, even your most ambitious projects will stand the test of time.

After almost 30 years in the local market, manufacturing roofing materials, and providing roofing solutions, we can proudly say that we belong to the best roofing companies in Malaysia.


Rust-free Guarantee

ONDULINE roofing products are corrosion free does not contain metal and iron elements which means it does not rust making it a perfect solution for sea side. 

ONDULINE 15 years waterproofing warranty

15 Years Warranty

ONDULINE's roofing materials are created to withstand extreme conditions and are made to last. That's why we give 15 years of warranty for our products.

ONDULINE roofing products are sustainable

Green Products

All our roofing products are eco-friendly. We recycle 60,000 tonnes of material each year and achieved a positive carbon balance of 4066 g CO2/m² (Calculated in 2011, scope Corrugated Bitumen Sheets & Tiles, based on raw material supply, transport and manufacturing – being currently updated)

Do you need to specify the right roofing solution?

The ONDULINE team is happy to assist you in specifying the right roofing solution for your project. Leave us a message and one of our team members will get back to you as soon as possible.

Roof Renovation and Waterproofing with ONDULINE

ONDULINE has a solution for all your roofing requirements. Whether it be a new roof, renovation or waterproofing, our systems will ensure it is taken care of.

ONDULINE Under roofing


Have a pitched roof but wondering about ways to secure waterproofing? Look no further. Presenting under roofing solutions from ONDULINE. Along with water proofing, it also offers excellent thermal and acoustic comfort.

Over Roofing

Roof Renovation

Want to upgrade your existing roof? Why not consider Over roofing using ONDULINE CLASSIC. Over roofing will not affect the activities under the existing roof and you need not worry about removing and disposing the existing roof. ONDULINE CLASSIC is extremely lightweight hence it does not affect the structural integrity of the building and it is easier to transport and install.